Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Portland Restaurant: Lightbar

What: Lightbar
Where: 1401 SE Morrison St
Honeys Heart: feel-good food

A terrible, horrible thing happened where I sentenced myself to two weeks of no carbs and no sweets. I know, right? Don't worry, I obviously had carbs and sweets during those two weeks but I did have much less carbs and sweets than I would like, so it was still pretty horrible.

Anyway, during my bout of healthiness, Kel and I tried out Lightbar. Located in the same weird little mini strip mall as Nostrana, Lightbar promises "fresh, local food that's house-made from scratch." The menu features a number of different salads and sandwiches as well as a tasty-looking cocktail list.

Kel and I both opted for the Salad Special made with kale, farro, blueberries, flower petals (so pretty!), chevre, beets, and some other stuff too.

I would normally NEVER order a salad as my entree when there are other choices (only exception: the cobb salad at Stephi's on Tremont in Boston), but this salad might end up on that exceptions list too. Yep, it was that good. 

I loved that the farro added some nice chewiness to the dish and even though there were a lot of ingredients going on, they melded together nicely instead of competing.

Kel and I were tempted by some of the cocktails, but it was a no alcohol two weeks too, so that was a no go.

I should also mention that we were the only customers in the restaurant for the full hour and half we were there. Kinda weird. Hope that's not the norm because this place seems cool and it's nice to have healthy dining-out options other than Laughing Planet.