Monday, May 13, 2013

Portland Restaurant: Sunshine Tavern

What: Sunshine Tavern
Where: 3111 SE Division

We have been lucking out this spring with some incredible weather and Adam and I have been doing our best to enjoy it. After a morning walk around Mt. Tabor with my cousin Chase we stopped for lunch at Sunshine Tavern.

Initially the plan was to get something fresh and healthy, but then this happened...

Adam went for the Slushy Margarita ($8) described as "10 oz of all natural slushy fun," while Chase and I went for on the rocks versions ($7). This was the first mistake of my afternoon as these margaritas were followed by pitchers of margaritas in the park about two hours later...

And we followed that up with more really healthy Adam's fried chicken sandwich ($11) with blue cheese dressing, celery, red onion and chili mayonnaise accompanied by a nice pile of french fries! It was pretty delish.

Chase ordered the jambon buerre royale ($12) with butter, fleur de sel, radishes and fennel.

I went for the preserved plums ($8) with hazelnuts, crème fraiche and honey. This was refreshing and the crème fraiche with honey made for a nice, sweet, alternative condiment for the salty fries.

Sunshine Tavern definitely offers a good selection of "tavern" foods with prices ranging from $7-16. If you find yourself on Division for lunch I would recommend checking it out. Cheers!