Monday, March 23, 2009

Portland Happy Hour: Davis Street Tavern

As part of my, what feels endless, job search I have been meeting a variety of people to gain insight into what I might like to do, get feedback on what I could be doing differently, and receive suggestions as to positions that may be of interest. Generally I meet people for coffee, lunch, or just in their office, but with my Uncle's friend Laura, we do happy hour.

I have met Laura on many occasions when my Uncle ventures into town and I love to keep in touch with her since she is great fun, as well as someone with years of invaluable experience and insight. Friday night we met at the Davis Street Tavern, on the corner of NW Davis and 5th, with a woman Laura works with and a woman in the process of job hunting like myself. Occasionally the co-owner and long time friend of Laura's stopped by. Not only are their food and drinks a great choice, I like their management!

Davis Street Tavern, which opened in December, offers a diverse drink menu and tasty happy hour food selections. In their successful attempt to be as eclectic as possible I am sure you could try a drink here that you may not find other places. For $8 each I had a Acai-pirinha which has leblon cachaca (a sugarcane based alcohol popular in Brazil), acai puree, and lime. Definitely a new drink for me since I tend to stick to the vodka, and surprisingly I liked it. Their Best Drink, is actually the best drink I had that night, containing cricket club gin, mint, lime, and ginger beer. I don't even like gin, but I liked this. Finally their Champagne Cocktail was tempting with aperol, lemon, agostura bitters, and Cava. Though I didn't have it, it looked and sounded wonderful!

Their happy hour food menu offers selections at $5 each. We shared the Cheese Crostini Trio, Roasted Cippolini & Boursin, White Bean & Rogue River Blue, and Roasted Beet & Fromage Blanc, each offered unique flavor and were equally delicious. The Strip Loin Burger looked awesome. The Velvety Mac 'N' Cheese with Girella Pasta and Three Cheese
B├ęchamel was smooth and rich, but in a perfect size portion so you don't feel guilty eating it all! Also, the Seared Tombo Tuna (Baby Arugula, Fennel, Red Onion, Shaved Reggianito, and Roasted Pear Vinaigrette) looked delicate and refreshing.

I plan on returning soon with the girls to try more and support the new restuarant!