Thursday, July 18, 2013

Portland Happy Hour: Noble Rot

What: Noble Rot 
Where: 1111 East Burnside St.
When: 5-6pm Monday-Friday
Honeys Heart: The view and the cocktails

I had big plans last Friday night. The schedule was: water my plants, do laundry, clean my house, make mac'n'cheese for dinner (we're talking out of a box), and enjoy said mac'n'cheese while catching up on the most recent episode of The Bachelorette. So when my friend Rachel asked if I wanted to grab happy hour with her and a friend I did the appropriate amount of "oh I shouldn't, I have stuff to do..." so not to feel guilty for my lack of productivity (on the cleaning part, not the TV watching part) and then jumped on the opportunity for a delicious happy hour at Noble Rot.

In addition to great happy hour drink prices and a nice ambiance, Noble Rot has a cool rooftop garden where they grow some of their ingredients and the building is LEED certified. Not to mention a fantastic patio space with a beautiful view looking at downtown Portland. We didn't get there until happy hour was nearly over, but it would be worth arriving early to snag one of those outdoor spots.

I started with the Limoncello Sparkle ($5.50) with sparkling wine, limoncello and orange liqueur while Rachel opted for the well priced House Shiraz for just $3.50. The happy hour wine and cocktail prices are pretty great. Plus the other happy hour cocktails which were a Pomegranate Lemon Drop (vodka, lemon, pomegranate syrup) and Spiced Heaven (bourbon, ginger puree, ginger juice) cover a couple different spirits and sound super tasty.

Since we only had a few minutes we skimmed the menu and quickly ordered four items. The Butternut Squash, Carmalized Onions, & Goat Cheese Panino with a small salad ($6.75) which was really good. No complaints here.

Then we really branched out with the Macaroni & Cheese ($8). The corkscrew pasta, Tillamook cheese sauce and bread crumbs combo was simple, but tasty and definitely beat the boxed stuff I had planned to make at home. 

Our Onion Rings ($3) were so good. I mean it's hard to really, really ruin onion rings, but these were the right thickness, crispy and easy to bite through so you don't end up with that irritating problem where the onion slides out... that is an issue that not just I experience, right?

Finally, we went for a Hamburger ($8.75) which we added cheese to ($1) that came with fries. The pricing on this was definitely not exceptional since you can get a burger for $9.75 lots of places, but the meat was really good and it was perfectly prepared so I didn't mind much.

The happy hour menu also features a salad, cheese plate, and another panino among other small items, plus I'm pretty sure I mentioned the view... I'll be back.
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