Thursday, September 27, 2012

Portland Happy Hour: Jo Bar

This blog post is looooong overdue. Well, lets be honest, any blog post from me is long overdue. If Katie hadn't moved back to Portland and maintained our blogging excellence Happy Hour Honeys would be the embarrassment of the Portland food blogging scene. All I can say is thank goodness.

I'll be better and my blogging self improvement plan will start by sharing a happy hour I meant to blog about in June. Dana, Katie, Jen and I headed to Jo Bar to celebrate Jenna's year in Portland and her new adventure moving back to Seattle with her then soon-to-be, and now, husband!

What: Jo Bar
Where: 701 NW 23rd Ave
When: HH 3 - 6pm

An appropriate send off always begins with cocktails. The cocktail menu isn't online and it's been a while, but they were all good and all at hh prices. I would recommend their Moscow Mule. That was definitely a group favorite!

Though this cocktail was prettier... I think a delicious combination of spicy and sweet. Look for mango and a pepper vodka perhaps?

Following a round, or two, of cocktails we picked some items off the happy hour menu.

Fondue ($6) served with apples, bread and green beans. I definitely liked the veggie dipper addition. I think this rotates based on what they have in the kitchen since the menu said it would be asparagus. 

Katie and I were both there so obviously the Mac & Cheese ($4) was ordered. This wasn't just pasta and cheese, but also bacon, chicken and bread crumbs. I was definitely failing at a pre-wedding diet.

The Mushroom Pizza ($7) was probably my least favorite thing if I'm remembering correctly, but that could also just be because it was the most expensive item and I am feeling poor. Hard to say. 


Jen kept us healthy by throwing in a Cobb Salad ($5) will all the fixings. It was a good compliment to our otherwise carb loaded and cheesy selections.

Final addition was Sweet Potato Chips since they were only $2. I wouldn't say they are a must, they're more of a why not? I would order them again.

I really enjoyed the happy hour and the pricing was reasonable, especially compared to Jo Bar and Papa Haydn's dinner menus. Adam and I actually stopped into Jo Bar for a late late lunch one day and I would definitely not go back for the regular menu, since the hh is a great deal. When I go back, if I go back, I'll be hitting up hh for sure!