Monday, April 20, 2009

Portland Happy Hour: Tin Shed

Sadly, it's been quite a while since I've been able to enjoy happy hour what with school, dance and the bazillion other things I've somehow gotten myself involved with. But since that's all starting to wind down, I finally have the time to enjoy some good food and drinks again.

Kel and I decided that we needed to expand our horizons a bit and get out of our NW happy hour rut so we chose Tin Shed on N. Alberta as our next stop to try. We had both been there before, but only for breakfast and lunch (delicious), so we were eager to see what they had to offer for happy hour.

From their 7 item list, we decided to go with the tilapia tacos ($4), the artichoke dip ($5), and the berry garcia ($5). The berry garcia was a leap of faith as the description ( roasted red pepper, jalapeno, black bean, Tillamook chedder & berry jam, topped iwth jalapeno-cilantro creme fraiche) seemed a bit strange, especially the jam part. Turns out that the berry garcia is pretty much a quesadilla with some jam thrown into the mix, and it is probably one of my favorite happy hour snacks to date. The sweet berry jam is the perfect compliment to the spicy jalapeno and really, who can go wrong with lots of cheese?

The only thing disapointing about our meal was the drinks. Though a bit out of character, Kel and I decided to both go with the $5 happy hour drink special (there's only on each day), the appletini. Now I'm not a huge fan any combination of apples and alcohol to begin with, but this one I really had a hard time putting back. But a learning experience is always a good thing and now I know that sometimes it's just not worth it to save $2 if the drink of the day is never something you would order if it hadn't had been only $5.